Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My selfish list of wants

  • iPod--not the mini, not the shuffle, not the micro... a real iPod. The only thing that could make iPod better is if it had PDA capabilities as well. Then I'd be all set.
  • desktop unit in my office with a nice monitor. With a plasma monitor even. Shit, this is a fantacy, I can have whatever I want.
  • sofas that arn't torn to shreads. Big squishy comfy ones. James had this friend Mark that had this really really comfortable couch. I couldn't sit on it because every time I did, I'd fall asleep. I want that.
  • someone else to clean my house
  • time to write
  • opportunities to sing
  • big bathtub with water jets
  • roller blades
  • a pretty garden that's both not plastic and impervious to my black thumb of death
  • a swimming pool
  • warm weather to useit in
  • one of those big candles with four wicks.
  • a car that gets really really good gas milage. or a teleporter.
  • the ability to watch stuff on james' computer up in the livingroom without massive hassle


Blogger HMC said...

I also want an iPod. A pink one that holds like 20 gigs. I also want the clock radio that the iPod plugs into. It's neat-o complete-o.

Heck, I'm going to through in a few of my wants to because I'm greedy that way. =)

I want:
1. A king sized memory foam tempurpedic mattress. Why should the astronauts get all the sleeping goodness?
2. A sleigh bed for the mattress. All I've got now is a boxsping.
3. All the seasons of MASH.
4. A sexy boyfriend who lives to cook me dinner and rub my shoulders. Actually, if I could choose one thing off my list to have, this would be it.


7:56 AM  
Blogger TLG said...

I also want all of those things.

I want one of those iJoy chairs!! With the little ottoman that massages your tootsies too. And a boyfriend or girlfriend to cook for me and massage my neck (i'm not picky). and can cook kocher foods. My bed actgually has a boxspring which is like a step up from a year ago. And a frame. Hot sexy fun luvins is a comfy bed. I want a sleep comfort mattress!! rush said I should buy one, so I should!!

11:52 AM  

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