Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The weekend that was and wasn't.

Heather wants to know if my weekend was everything I thought it would be.

I'm disappointed with how little drinking I did on Saturday. I hit my limit at about 24 jello shots, and one beer to wash dinner down with, and suddenly I just didn't want any more. It was weird. There was also an uncomfortable part of the evening when religion and politics came up.

Uhh, and we got lost for like an hour and wasted an eighth of a tank of gas coming home. Sunday was work. Yaay. I love my job. And then Monday I got a "new" desk (thank you, freecycle), and also went swimming with my sister, and got lotsa sunburn when I fell asleep listening to the old ladies talk. What else? Oh yeah, and I was soooo sun sick when I got home I didn't get my homework done on time, and I still haven't done it because I can't figure it the heck out.


Blogger HMC said...

Sooo...no drunk sex then? Funny what sticks in your mind. =)

I ate a lot of crabs and possibly digested a pound of Old Bay. Old Bay is delicious and should be put on everything; however, you cannot eat a lb of it without drinking like three gallons of water. And you can't drink 3 gallons of water without going to the bathroom at least six times in the night, stepping on your visiting sister each and every time. Good weekend for me but not so much for the sister. =)

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