Friday, October 07, 2005

Assisted suicide is the stupides thing I've ever heard of.

Here's the deal--people have been successfully killing themselves for thousands of years without assistance. Is it really suicide if you're getting assistance. I thought suicide was a "very personal" thing?? Suicide has long been thought to be the "cowards way out." Does that make assisted suicide the most cowardly way to do a cowardly thing? Placing the responsibiling, in someone elses' hands, allowing them to work out the logistics and put the mechanations into place? Why is it a 'dignified choice' to ask someone to kill you, but if you jump off a bridge and have the misfortune of living, you end up spending a good long stretch in the psych ward?

It seems to me that it's much more final to make the decision and act upon it yourself. If you jump off of a bridge, or slice your own wrists, that's confronting your own mortality. That's taking your decision into your own hands, and coming to peace with your final decision. In a manner of speaking.

The argument probably goes something like this--

Unless you're so depressed that you don't know what you're doing, you just want the pain to end, and suicide seems like a reasonable option. But assisted suicide is classy. It implies a well-thought-out decision. Not that you're like, I dont know... so depressed over your inevidable deterioration and demise, or in so much pain that you just want the pain to end, and suicide seems like a reasonable option.


I think assisted suicide is like buying a package of boneless chicken breasts from the supermarket.

There's the little plastic thing that soaks up the yucky juices and blood, and it's in styrophome and all shrink-wrapped prettily with a fancy logo on it... you didn't chase it around the coop, you didn't grab it by the neck and chop off it's head and spray blood on your apron. You didn't pluck the feathers, dislocate the hip from the torso with a cleaver, or get animal slime all over your hands.

But really, what do you have in the end? A package of six breasts that have been cleaved off the ribcages of at least three chickens--a shrinkwrapped pile of mutilated chicken titties.


Paying someone else to kill you is so chickenshit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either way - you still go to hell. Not like God will give you a pass for not being a chicken shit when you killed yourself.

3:09 AM  
Blogger TLG said...

This was more of a philisophical discussion, I think.

11:19 AM  
Blogger AnonymousCog said...

Hey Anonymous, Tell me this, would God send you to Hell for dieing of a physical sickness?

If your brain was damaged in an accident, and you accidently wandered in front of a bus, even though you were a Christian would you get to heaven and God say, "Sorry Dude-any suicides go to Hell!"

If people get to the point of wanting to commit suicide, they are mentally sick.

I think you are going out on a callous and shallow limb to damn all suicides to Hell.


9:11 AM  

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