Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dishing shit about the weather.

The weather happens to be an obsession in my life. Mostly because I hate winter.

I've been, personally, very lucky this year. It's been warm all through September (in the 80's almost every day), and the beginning of October. Thursday, when I went jogging at 9pm, it was still in the 80's. Friday was a little cooler, I was a bit chilly in my shorts and I had to wear a shirt with sleeves. Saturday was rainy and downright brisk. THAT is where fall comes from. It's warm, then it rains and chills down about 20 degrees, andthe temperature never gets back up there. It's always very sudden and startling. So, we've hit that point. I'm wearing two sweaters right now.

For the most part, the hills are still green though, going into the second week of October. There're bits of red and yellow popping up, showing visible against all the rest of the green. For the most part, the trees still have their leaves. I wish it'd go on forever.

I hate the cold and the dead trees and the grey skies. It goes on forever and ever.


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