Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Entertainment Buzz

Did you shut off Supernatural tonight? Bizzaro hate it so much, he shut it off all the way through with light off. Snowball not hide under Bizzaro's cape at all. Bizzaro not scared. Bizzaro look in mirros all the time now.

Bizzaro also hate Boston Leagle. He don't understand Denny Crane. Bizzaro hopes Freddy Prinz Junior never come back. He the worst. Bizzaro also hate Betty White. Bernard deserve to live anyways. Bizzaro hate when they found Bernard in freezer and the girls screamed. It was the worst thing he ever saw.

Bizzaro not tell you smallest secret--Bizzaro hates Gilmore Girls. Bizzaro only shuts it off because Snowball hates. But it makes Bizzaro cry. Bizzaro cry and cry and cry until Snowball look at him funny.

Next time, Bizzaro not tell you about Alias and Kolchak. Bizzaro hated Kolchak in the 70's, even more than he hated Quincy, MD.

Bizzaro Superman is a staff writer at Suicidal Snowflakes where he frequently weighs in with his opinion on Prime Time Television. He lives in Metropolis with his cat/life-partner, Snowball.


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