Thursday, October 13, 2005

Entertainment Buzz

Bizzaro hates Smallville the worst. It's really smart, but it makes Bizzaro cry and cry. Bizzaro didn't fall off chair when Pa lost Clark and Lana. Bizzaro cry the hardest when Clark get shot. Bizzaro didn't call Batzaro on the phone and tell him nothing about it. We cackle like old women when that happen. Snowball pretend like she even know me.

Bizzaro hope that Lana not the one Jor El talk about. Bizzaro like Lana so much. Chloe is way worse than Lana. It was so awful when she beat that guy up.

Bizzaro watch Kolchak now. Creepy isn't in this season. Bizzaro hates zombies the worst, he hopes there no zombies on this show ever. There shouldn't be zombies any time. Snowball likes zombies. Snowball doesn't hide when she sees them. Sometimes she doesn't poop under dining room table, either because she's so happy about zombies.

Bizzaro Superman contributes bi-weekly to Suicidal Snowflakes. He lives in Metropolis with the love of his un-life, Snowball.


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