Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Holy Shit

Lina Cavalieri (1874-1944)

Aparently, the key to becoming an opera star is to have a tiny waste, then corset yourself into freakishness.

I'm going to have to get in on this. I'm sure I can have a few ribs removed, or something.

And to think I was taking solice in seeing all the pictures on this site of all the "bigger" ladies who were opera stars. I was beginning to think you needed bodymass for reverbiration or something.

Dammit, just when I was starting to feel good about myself. (Batman napalmed my arm...)

Of course, it's not like my voice lessons have been going well lately. She thinks it's because I've been sick. I think it's cuz I suck and I really should just save the $34 a week I spend on lessons. Yes, I spend that much. And no, I still can't figure out the magical mystery that is key signatures. Yes, I understand all the little formulas and the theories behind it, but it's like algebra--it all works in theory, just not in actual practice.

Am I getting old? Is that what the problem is? I swear. I'll be outta my prime before I ever get a paying gig. Probably with writing AND singing. I'm a washed up never-was-been and I'm not even 26. Oh yeah, and I'm fat and I run slow. I was actually feeling good about my superior running-ness last night. 40 minutes is practically a marathon to me. However, now my back feels like it's going to break, I'm still fat, and no matter how personal-achievement-y I get, I'm still going to be fatter and slower than everybody else.

Damn you, Lina Cavalieri.


Blogger HMC said...

That's not a girl who could eat 12 White Castle sandwhiches over a day and a half. I'm a cow. Damn you Lina Cavalieri.

1:07 PM  

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