Saturday, October 15, 2005

I take back everything I ever said

about college students.

About them being stupid and rude and self-centered...

well, all of these things are actually still true. But it's Ok, when I profit from it. Pitt game down town... the tailgaters were already out in force when I got there for my voice lesson. My voice lesson actually went well, which is frightening because it felt like my spine was going to snap the entire time I was there. So I came back to the garage and paid the little machine that sounds like Stephen Hawking, and on a whim, after taking my change, I stuck my hand into the change dispenser of the machine next to the one I was using. There was a stack of bills inside. It was like checking the change return of a vending machine or pay phone and finding the mother load. I made back the money I spent on parking, and an additional $23. It looked like several of those kids were bright enough to take their money after they prepaid.

God, I like getting paid to park down town. The cost of gas went down. Not down to where I'm comfortable, but $2.49's pretty damned good right now. I had half a tank, but wanted to be sure I had enough for the week, so I filled up. After I paid for gas and got a frozen custard cone at Ritas (Closing tomorrow, can you believe it!!??), I had the $10 I started the day with. So like, technically, I got paid to drive down town to my voice lesson too :) It was full of sweetness and light. Another time I checked the change dispenser on a whim and got $5. This was winning the powerball compairatively.

On another note of sweetness, when I went to the football game last night, they let me in at the student rate. The liquer store doesn't card me, but I pass for a high school student among football booster moms. Innnnnteresting.


Blogger HMC said...

You pay $2.49? I hate you. =) I paid $2.70 yesterday and was happy.

4:43 PM  

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