Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I want my eyeballs to LIVE!!

I'm watching Supernatural, and I'm skerd. Bloody Mary is poking out people's eyeballs out. I have the lights on, and I ran up stairs and grabbed my laptop so I could talk to my friend Charlene since Ja es isn't here to squeeze and hold onto for dear life. How does this show manage to be scarry every week?

Charlene said 'you'll certainly never do that, now will ya.'

I had to confess that not only had I done that, but I'd gotten the tshirt. 3rd grade... was the going thing amongst the girls. We ALL got in trouble with the principle for doing it. Of course, my third grade teacher went blind like that year. Had NOTHING to do with it, I'm sure.

We hid a red marker in the tampon dispenser, and would color on our wrists and stuff. We were fucked up little kids. What can I say.

PS. Shit the stop motion stuff is creepy.


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