Friday, October 14, 2005

The olden golden days, my back yearns for thee

We live in a litigious age. No, really. We live in a time when people can choose to eat McDonalds food to excess, then sue McDonalds because they're fat (personally, I want to sue God for poor genetics, but thats another story for another day). No one has to have any common sense, or learn how to fend for themselves, or be responsible for themselves, because product manufacturers need to be.

What do we end up with? Cigarettes that tell you they're going to kill you and your unborn child. Hair dryers that say keep out of bathtub, my metal coffee tumbler with the FANTASTIC sticker on the side that says "do not use in microwave" (Ya THINK??)...and my brand new heating pad which the compeletely annoying "feature" of automatically shutting off at a certain temperature.

Uh, no, stupid thingy. I bought you so that you could set my back on fire and help me to forget the bad unhappiness and pain that makes me want to weep every time I sit down. I know how hot is too hot, and I can shut it off on my own. Your version of too hot isn't hot enough, and I have you on high. STUPID SAFETY FEATURE!! Like I'm too stupid to understand TOO HOT and won't shut it off. Like my sense of self-preservation is broken, or something.

I'd bitch that they think people are like turkeys that'll drown if they look up at the rain (i hear that's just an urban ledgend?)... but really--with all these dumb law suits, I guess they figure we are.


Blogger HMC said...

My package of frozen eggrolls said cook before eating. I guess they market them to the lowest common denominator..?

11:10 AM  

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