Thursday, October 13, 2005

So sweet I'm gunna crap my pants.

Because one playlist to bring about world peace wasn't enough, I've started a second one. Y'know... one for the gym, one for jogging. iPods are so sweet. How did I live without one before? my only regret is that I didn't wait like another month... you know what apple just came out with?? yeah, you guessed it--an iPod that plays video. Now you can use iTunes to download ABC shows. THAT is so sweet i'm going to crap my pants. I completely forgive them for releasing it like two weeks after I buy my iPod. Especially since I've heard rumors that there's a mod/hack for the current ipod that'll let you stream video. I heart iPods. I heart them so much I had to join iLounge so I could talk about iPods all the time.

I've also made a major life decision--I'm going to upgrade to OS X 10.4 on October 21st. Mr. Snerdly, write down the day. I'm gunna spend the whole $5 that I need to for the media fee, and actually install it. Instead of just thinking of picking up a copy in Oakland and installing it. I really can live life without stickies (i'm not a complete mac whore)... but I'm noticing the mail settings are a little different, and it's easier to talk people through something I've actually, y'know... seen. In my lifetime.


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