Saturday, October 15, 2005


  • The pharmicist knew my name and looked up my record and knew what I wanted to be refilled, without me even asking. I don't know if that's really cool, or if I should be worried.

  • The manager of the pharmacy looks like Stewart Townsend. which is weird. I'm expecting like a mud monster to try and eat me when I'm checking out my stuff.
  • I went to a football game tonight, and a baseball game. of course it was like half an inning of the baseball game, but it counts. Totally. And I got fake twizzlers and a pepsi at said event. Well, the baseball game, at any rate. The stupid football game didn't have any stupid twizzlers. Stupid stupid.
  • I dyed melissa's hair purple (shows up with purple highlights in her dark brown hair) and I put what were supposed to be brown streaks in Mary's hair, but it came out like red highlights. I did the same thing to my hair, but I haven't noticed any sort of change or difference.
  • Wonder Woman continues to suck. I have decided that since I'm too dumpy for the marines, even if I can pass their stupid running test, I shall become a ninja. I can be a dumpy ninja. then after I'm a ninja, I will become batman. You'll see. You'll all see.
  • I had pizza before the football game. It was kind of like when I was in high school and in the band. Except for the band being totally teh roxorr!!!111one one one. I mean, they're like second in the country now. Mary says band's the new football team. And hell yeah, it shows. The band is eighty gazilliondybillion times better than when I was in the band. Da hell.
  • to further simulate the high school experience, I put my headphones on and started listening to music at the beginning of the third quarter. That was usually about when our getting our asses totally kicked wore thin on me. Now it's an iPod instead of a walkman, but hey, still the same drowning out effect. The only thing I was missing was a book to read :) Fortunately we didn't stick around that long. A few drives in the third quarter was more than enough for me The score was 30-something to zippo when we left. Holy crap do they suck. Shit yeah, I'd rather be in the band than on the football team.
  • the opposing team's band had two male color guard members. That was so cool. THAT is equality, Wonder Woman, you sanctimonious bitch.
  • I didn't get out running today, which was a bummer. I actually... gasp... like it. I know I'm damaged in some way. This is why I wanna join the marines. They'll make me run ALL the time. Just running and running and running, and pullups, and shooting things, and getting yelled at. I wanna get yelled at to my betterment. y'know, as opposed to now, where it's just getting yelled at to make the other party fell better. Oh yeah, and I'll get to shoot things and maybe people. If I can get undumpified. And dig holes. They might let me dig holes too.
  • Did you know that little grey aliens ride in orchid colored space ships? Yeah, me too.


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