Friday, October 14, 2005

To Heather,

Who points out that she hates the Hot Topic in the mall more:

See my site description. I've loathed the hot topic kids for a long time. I like to go in and look at stuff, because they do have some cool stuff from when *I* was a kid. But there's an 8 or 10 year age gap between me and their typical shoppers. And the people who work there... with the piercings and stuff... holy hell. I'm like you work for a corperate entity. Punk is dead. Anarchy is dead. The only thing left is this disnified version of anarchy and punk. However, hatin' on the hippy/occult stores in the mall is a new pasttime. Hey, everybody wants a little incense or obsidian statue of Vishnu now and again. That's just fine. But don't pretend you're hippy and out there if you HAVE A FUCKING STORE IN THE MALL.


Blogger HMC said...


On the same note but opposite register (I hope that was ana ccurate musical metaphor), I hate places like Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom. The saleswomen act like they are doing me a favor by waiting on me. I give them no reason to think I can't afford their clothing (I can't but they don't know that) yet they are still so snobby. They act like they are too good for the average consumer but hey, come on. You are in the fucking mall. Joe and Jane Schmoe are going to shop there. Take the stick out of your ass and act like real the shop girls you are. Bah.

I like to shop at Hot Topic for Rainbow Bright t-shirts and things like that. I grew up in the 80's too. I never feel comfortable there though; I own too many khakis and pink shirts.

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