Saturday, October 01, 2005


Yes, the world lacks leaders.

On sort of the same note:

One thing I have heard it complained about, in regards to Katrina, is that people (such as civil personel) were waiting for orders, instead of taking initiative. It was suggested that the "go get 'em" american spirit has been quashed by both our fear of litigation, and our being whipped by the office environment.

I just think there arn't enough cowboys in the world. There're enough Maureen Ohara's, but are there any John Waynes left, to turn 'em over their knees?


Blogger HMC said...

Feminism has killed him and chivalry. Don't get me wrong--I love not being sexually harassed in my workplace but I think that it killed John Wayne-style man. It's encouraged, even lauded for men to embrace their feminine side but I think that they are being discouraged to embrace their masculine side. John Wayne and Paul Newman have been Fab Fived to death. =(

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