Saturday, November 26, 2005

ADD attack

I've been in hardcore ADD mode all night. I've blogged like twice, did three outstanding homework assignments, looked up info for a fourth and actually read the assignment for next week in one of my classes. Shit, I handed in a homework assignment tonight that wasn't due till Monday.

I also wrote elevendy billion words tonight. And by elevendy billion, I mean1580. Which is a lot of words, considering I also went to that place and bought pants, then went to walmart and bought wrapping paper stuff, and wrapped every single one of my in-law's CHRISTMAS presents tonight. I really did have to restrain myself from wrapping the CHRISTMAS presents I picked up here that are intended for my family. The only thing that really and truely stopped me was being out of tissue paper. Like seriously, that has never ever happened to me in the entire existance of my existance. I still have tissue paper at home from two CHRISTMASES ago.

I went up stairs for a little midnight snack--read almost 3am snack (and because my ADD was compelling me to grab the two rock candy pops off the counter upstairs to put them in the baggies for my nieces) and got some club crackers and soy milk (oh so bad, but oh so yum) and found half of a 12 oz bottle of Coca-Cola Zero on the counter. I promptly busted open the fridge, dug around for the Gentleman Jack. I put about two shots in, grabbed another bottle of Zero, and headed down stairs. I filled it to the top with the stuff in the second bottle and I've been drinkin' away for the last like 15 min. I think I'm finally starting to unlax. I was seriously being all OH MY GOD, I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!!! Now I'm caring less that I'm 700 words away from my long-term word goal for tonight. I might even go to bed without something done. I also decided to give James his Batman bank tonight :)


Blogger HMC said...

Wouldn't it be ADD if you started all those things and didn't finish them? You got things done; go you!

I'm a semi-colon fiend today...

7:21 AM  
Blogger The BLS said...

Yeah, I'm gonna side with HMC on this one. You would have been ADD-girl if you had started typing... and quit in favor of wrapping presents... and quit that in favor of having a snack... and quit that in favor of watching Smallville.

You get my point. I wish I could be that efficient. :P

11:10 AM  
Blogger TLG said...

Naw. That's usually how the ADD works... you can't concentrate on ANYTHING, and when you finally do, you can't stop doing what you're doing. It worked for me in undergrad, and in my first semester, now it's kind of working against me because I need to be working on stuff a little at a time, which I can't manage to do, instead of doing it all at once, read at the last minute.

11:20 AM  

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