Friday, November 25, 2005

Bla bla bla pie.

James' grandmother asked "should I bring in the pumpkin, cherry or apple pie?"

I tapped my fingers together and said "yes."

That's kind of how my day went. I feel just awful. My christmas shopping is done.Granted, I don't have my sisters' presents in hand yet, but I know exactly what they're getting, I just need to go down there and get it because if I order it online there's an ungodly surcharge. But for everyone else... even extended family... it's done. I'm scared because it's so done. What else is there, if I can spend the next 30 days not angsting over getting what for whom?

hehe. I even got James something. I'm debating giving it to him now or not. Who knows.

We spent the afternoon with James' family at his grandparents' house in Eurika. That was pretty fun. James always seems so unexcited, even hesitant to visit his grandparents. I dont know. I just look at that as a fact of life, visiting grandparents. I got some cute pictures of the girls which I'll have to upload when I go home.

Boring post, I know. But it was kind of a quiet day. No meteor showers, no freak of the week, just vistin' the family.

Oh, yeah, and I found this awesome jacket today that fit me perfectly everywhere but across the back. it bunched up weirdly across my shoulder blades. I think it was a size too big, and the under-arms were cut too large. I tried to find one in ANY color a size smaller, and it just didn't exist. it made me soooooo sad. This place had awesome clothes that I can wear to work VERY cheaply. like twice as dressy as the place I usually shop and at least half the price. The shoes were sooooo great. they were LIKE designer shoes, only they ACTUALLY CAME IN MY SIZE. I'd LIKE to have nifty shoes, but department stores are a) so fricking expensive and b) too small, they always only go up to a size 9. I wear a weird 10 1/2 which only walmart makes (or so far as I've seen). So I'm kind of limited to what walmart's stocking. I wish I'd hve found this place when we first got here--their stuff is so cool. I wouldn't have bought the shoes I bought at walmart, because I'd have gotten cooler shoes for half the price there. Oh well.

You know, I've been here a week and a half, and I still haven't had steak or bison? This is not a good situation.


Blogger HMC said...

You can do my Christmas shopping for me. And buy my sister a birthday present. It was a week ago but I haven't bought her anything. =(

Mm...delicious endangered animals...

7:30 AM  

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