Saturday, November 12, 2005

If only I could get back to writing

I busted ass so hard the beginning part of the week. I was doing like 5k words a day of actual work, not even including blogging and such. Now I'm just like... I'm done now, right? Only I still have like 40k of novel left to write, a 1k paper, another 1k paper, two 5k papers and some weird search thingy to do. But dammit, that real fucker of a paper is done (can I take this opportunity to admit that, in my own geeky way, I enjoyed writing that little bastard).

Oh yeah and the article was turned in. I haven't heard from the editor. Is it wrong of me to say I hope he's lying dead in a ditch somewhere? I mean I dont really hope that. But that'd mean there was a "real" reason for him not to contact me back, and not just because I suck and he hates me (I have a willy lowman complex. I just want everybody to like me). Yee gads. It just goes on and on. I still have more shit to write!!!!

I could say I'm burnt to a widdle crisp, but I shant.

I'll blame it on Harry Potter.

Yes. That will work out nicely. Because, you see, there're pictures and stuff online from the NY premier and the live mugglecast that they did at the B&N in NY. Well, one of them. I make it sound like there's only one B&N in all of NYC.

The point is... I can't stop peeing my pants long enough to write. I'm just like OH MY GOD, HARRY POTTER!!! And then I can't think about anything but Harry Potter. You know, like that kid that can't stop thinking about ninjas. But it's not ninjas. It's HARRY FRICKING POTTER!! Who's better than ninjas.



I have lost like all control of all bodily functions at this time. I just want to be a Harry Potter spoiler whore and troll fan news sites. Oh yeah, and I'm wearing my lightening bolt earrings. Because I BELIVE!!!


Blogger HMC said...

I have to hold off seeibng the Harry Potter movie because it is way more important to go see Joachim Phoenix be Johnny Cash. I heart Johnny Cash and I want to see Joachim sing!!

8:50 AM  
Blogger TLG said...

I also happpen to [heart] Johnny Cash. My grandma is probably the most straight laced lady I know, but she hadta have her Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson 8 tracks. And she played those 8 tracks up until August when she moved into a smaller place and couldn't take the console 8 track player.

However, Harry Potter is more important :) Harry Potter is life, man.

11:32 AM  

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