Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm a cop-out artist

Yeah, so I just submitted my article (late of course) to the journal. I wrote about something very stuffy and academic last term. This time I ... uh... sort of wrote about comic books. Oh I totally spun it so it fits the journal's criteria. But... uh... it was about comic books. And uh... I'm totally planning on doing a follow-up next quarter if this article is accepted. Crap, I may even be able to milk a third quarter out of it this summer as well because the Con is in April. It feels so cheap LOL. I mean, I had a blast writing it, I actually had real honest to gosh interviews and stuff, and I felt very Lois Lane, except I wasn't strapped to a bomb or falling off a building. But, see, that's the thing. I had fun, and it was an article about something I already know stuff about, and it's about something I love, and that's what feels dirty and wrong about it. God forbid that I actually come to make money doing something that is fun and that I love. It may create some sort of space-time vortex that will end up disrupting the hyperverse and retconning my own life. It'll by Quantem Leap, only it'll be written by Chuck Dixon in his waning years and Frank Miller. You see why I'm worried, right? This is fate of the universe type stuff here.

Oh well. I overanalyse.


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