Friday, November 18, 2005

My trip so far

No, I'm not dead. I'm on vacation. We left Pittsburgh at 8pm on Wednesday and drove straight through. Our longest break was like half an hour at about 8am for some grub. Driving through the night was pretty good. It meant we didn't have to mess with traffic. Well, except for St. Louis. Which is FRIGHENING. We hit St. Louis at about 6am, and we used the beltway to go around, but even then, it was nuts. Three, four, six lanes of traffic. Everyone going 70+ mph and sliding around, trying to get around everyone else. It was like kill or be killed.

Missouri is a vast wasteland, as usual. Not really much of anything to see at all, except for road signs for the Constitutional Party and sexy underwear stores. Oh, I did see some anorexic cows. At first, I thought they were dogs, they were so scrawny. I told James that they looked like Nicole Richie and that those poor cows should eat a hamburger. He told me to take a nap.

So we got in at about 2pm local time, which made the trip19 total hours. We talked to my MIL for a while, then I crashed out and took a nap for about three hours. Got up, took a shower because aparently cleanliness is next to Godliness or something. Ate some nasty chinese. I mean, it wasn't bad, or substandard in any way, but the General Tso's was SO sweet. No tang. Just sweet. No hot, even though there were peppers in it. Just sweet. I'm scared of Kansas' version of chinese food.

Watched Smallville. Then we drove into Wichita to get tickets for Harry Potter. I couldn't believe we actually got them, considering we got there at like 9pm, and we were trying to get tickets for the midnight showing. There were frightening children already camped outside in a line, in sleeping bags, copies of Goblet of Fire and Half-Blood Prince in hand. We were going to do general admission until we saw that, mostly because we're cheap bastards and didn't want to pay $16 a piece for the balcony, even though the balcony is extremely sweet.

I had a milkshake in the really cool diner attached to the theater, James had a "black cow." Which is a rootbeer float with chocolate icecream. Soon as I tasted his thing, I knew I should have gotten the same thing. I'm such a sissy. But I got a chocolate shake with the same icecream, and it was also really good.

I really like the theater we went to. We try to go as often as we can whenever we're in town. It's clean, the people are friendly, the place is gorgeous, and no one has been shot there. They even had extra security incase the Harry Potter kids got out of line. So it wouldn't be like that time the 300 teenagers rioted at Lowes. That's the thing that irritates me about Lowes... Not only is it a ripoff to get in there, the place isn't all that clean, the people're rude, the food is horribly over-priced, you run the risk of being shot or caught in a riot, AND their sound/picture quality is for the birds. In the like three years we've been going there, I don't think I've ever seen a film where they chaned reels smoothly. Of course, with Revenge of the Sith, the bad reel changing was the highlight of the film. PADME!!! NOOOOO!!! Oh shuddup.

We spent a huge amount of money at Walmart and wrote it off as birthday presents to each other. I now own the unrrated version of Elektra. There better be nipples in it or something, because I hate being tricked into buying unrated versions of things that are really rated Arr (for pirate, you see).

Um, what else?

Came back, hung out in the cool kids lounge outside the balcony. You have to be 21+ to get a seat up there, which is great. The teenagers were nuts down stairs, it was kind of nice to be with the more sedate grownups. Oh yeah, and the booze. Booze helps :) They have some awesome Universal monster movie posters, which I could stare at for hours. The wait staff is really great and they will get you pretty much anything you ask for... Mike & Ikes from down stairs, drinks, food... The one girl we talked to in the lounge said she really enjoyed working there, and she was sincere about it. I'm so tired of going to places where the staff acts like being there is torture, and they're only there as part of their commuted community service sentence. They were HOPING to clean up the median on a dangerous highway, but instead they have TAKE YOUR ORDER!! GASP!

We talked to the manager, who was a nice lady, enjoyed the film (will talk about later, but OMG), came home and went to sleep on my in-laws spare bed. Which is like bed to the bedeth power better than our bed. We both thunked down and didn't move the whole rest of the night.

Then I wokeup, had left over chinese, then came down here to try to figure out what's wrong with my in-law's home network. I think I forgot my second ADD pill or something, because I opened up IE to download Spybot, and ended up blogging. BTW, I get a wireless signal. I can talk to the router. So the router isn't COMPLETLY dead. Not even mostly dead. Probably just a little dead. But what do you expect, it's a D-Link?


Blogger HMC said...

Sounds like fun. I'm glad you're not dead. =)

Happy early Birthday since I have to spend tomorrow in Virginia and parts of West Virginia(gasp!).

3:47 PM  

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