Thursday, November 03, 2005

O Holy Crap... I really hate this text book.

From Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Professional by Donald Kauchak

How does the public feel? Overwhelmingly, 93 percent of Americans favor sex education and believe that young people should be given information to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States and Advocates for Youth, 1999). It appears that conservatives' positions are at odds with the views of most Americans. Davidy Landry, a nationally recognised exert in this area, observed, "Students arn't receiving accurate, balanced information about how to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies or disease" (Coles, 1999b, p. 13). This is unfortunate, as the statistics regarding teen pregnancy at the beginning of this section reveal a real student need.

Where the hell do I start with this piece of crap book?

1) Obviously the schools arn't doing such a good fricking job because they have had 30 years of sex ed, and the numbers have gone UP. That isn't the fault of parents teaching sexual responsibility at home.

2) Yes, there're kids who arn't going to get this at home. Do you know why? Breakdown of the family unit. We believe the government can replace a good solid family unit by teaching sex ed and hygene and morals (which is the next paragraph). which obviously isn't fricking working. Good jeorb (to quote Coach Z).

3) I'm so glad my text book is fair and impartial. I'm so glad it's not attempting to indoctrinate me in any way. Oh yeah, I also think my professor sucks for choosing this book and using it as some sort of bible, he also sucks for not giving a forum for any sort of discussion of the texts, it's just read the chapter, take the quiz, write a paper. And this is the only text for the class. OH yeah, and he's teaching this class in complete contradiction to how this book suggests you teach a class. So there.

4) I don't believe that the cure to all the ailments that we see kids coming to school with today need to be fixed by the schools. They need to be fixed by the family. And to do that, we need to fix the family.

5) I swear to God, I'm going to stop ranting. Right now.


Anonymous Daily Dog said...

You can stop dreaming right there. You can't fix the family and yes, parents expect schools and teachers to replace them for about 90% of the important stuff . So brace yourself. Teaching is hard. Being a caring teacher is damn hard. If you are a caring teacher kids will know and they'll flock to you. You'll hear and see ugliness you didn't even knew existed and you'll be expected to make it go away. Are you ready to do that? If you're not you'll have to become the stone-hearted kind of teacher who sees a lot of things but closes her eyes and only cares about her subject and her pupils' grades. Think about it really carefully. I've been through it. I've seen it all, well, a lot of it. Changing the family is not a part of the deal, on the contrary.

3:07 AM  

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