Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oprah can bite me.

EEEEEverybody loves Oprah. Except for the people who hate touchy feely girl-crap. I think I might be in the latter catigory. I admire her for working hard and building an empire based on something she was good at, obviously loved and people wanted. But really... the people who like Oprah also think Martha Stewart actually makes all those crappy home-made santa clauses on her hand-cut Christmas trees. While it's cool that there's someone that is out there turning homemaking into a desireable thing again, Martha Stewart is like you grandma on crack. And while it's cool that someone's getting people interested in book clubs again, and getting people in touch with their inner-innerness, why in the hell should anyone take Christmas present suggestions from Oprah? I can't even afford this sh-t for myself (nor do I really WANT most of it, thanyouverymuch). I think the combined total for both of my parents' Christmas presents was $25, and that was after the 25% discount. I think I looked at this list TO get angry. I mean, Oprah can buy her entire audience cars. Does she really have anything on her list that would apply in any way to people who arn't really able to scrape together the cash to buy all their text books every term? *huff*.


Blogger HMC said...

The 25 dollar bubble bath stuff really pissed me off. For $25 it had better dissolve every ounce of cellulite on my body. Why would you pay so much for something you literally will pour down the drain?!

1:10 PM  

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