Saturday, November 05, 2005

The playlist to bring about world peace

Part Deux.

The first playlist still has possibly one missing link, but it's solid good stuff. So I started working on a second workout playlist, since I seem to be using it like every day, even when I go to the gym, because I'm SO SICK of their music. The second playlist is decent, but still needs some work. But when I think I have it fixed, it'll be so bitchin' that I will bring balance to the Force AND intergalactic peace. I mean, we're talkin' about the Emperor sitting down and smokin' the peace pipe with Yoda or some shit.

On a seperate note, while the playlist is capable of bringing about world peace, it is as of yet incapable of making me not hurt during the running. Holy crap. I haven't been running in two weeks cuz of schedule issues and crappy weather. You'd think I'd have never gone running before in my life or something. And I didn't even finish running as long as I usually run. I got about two thirds of the way through and was like gunna collapse. So I walked for about three minutes then ran for another five, and then that was it. Usually I can push through the "must stop now" feeling, and today my widdle wegs were telling me that if I didn't stop right then and there, then would disengage themselves from my torso and kick the crap out of my head.

For the sake of prevening something weird from happening, I stopped and walked home.

The chiropractor was awesome after that. I was like holy crap, bring on the healing. I also had an awesome voice lesson. Being able to straighten out my spine mostly really does help. I kicked the crap outta Still wie die Nacht, and it aint getting back up. Started a new German piece out of this book of 200 Schubert pieces. And I was like wow... that dude wrote a lot of music for a guy with terminal shyness. I'm unclear as to why we put Think of Me on tape last weekend if we arn't going to work on it. It's probably for the best. I have a terminal fear of notes above the staff. It's best for everyone involved if I just don't know how high something is.

The elevator is broke in the building where I take my lessons. First of all, this elevator is so old it has an elevator man. The elevator man is a very sweet elderly black lady who's always talking to her grand kids on her cell phone. So now you have to walk up to the second floor, up this totally frightening set of steps. You go down this hallway and INTO a set of unoccupied offices. the freight elevator has a floor, a cage roof and three cage sides. The brick shaft it goes up and down has got to be unaltered (by unaltered, I mean... y'know... cleaned) in 100 years. The wording on the plaque that says there can be no passengers, only the elevator man and two trained assistance riding is priceless. I'm going to have to find the cable for my camera so I can get pics off of it, then I need to take a pic of that sign. It is full of awesomeness.

I had cash to pay to get my car out of the garage. the world is truely coming to an end, I never have cash for anything. I also had a helluva migrane, so instead of picking up comics and going grocery shopping, I came home and bemoaned my existance. I did so with an icepack on my neck. Holy crap does my neck hurt all the time now. I hope this is because they're straightening it out. And by straightening it out, I mean putting the curve back in it. And when I say putting the curve back in it, I mean making it a nice concave neck, the way it's supposed to be, instead of convex, like it is now, which is rather frightening to look at on the xrays. No wonder I always have headaches.

Uhh, what else is happening in happy me land? I still want to be a My Little Pony. Also, my grandfather's doing well after the surgery. Which I am sure won't last long. "overdoing it because I'm a big fat martyr." thy name is ralph.

Nana's doing ok, I guess. She asked for her blankets back. the ones my grandfather gave away to everyone. Hopefully I'll remmeber to take that over tomorrow, and her music boxes. they make her happy.

That's all for now, I guess. Oh yeah and my car is hideously dirty. HIDEOUSLY. I haveta go now and write myself out of a hole. Oh yeah and I have a journal article to slap together today or tomorrow. Can you believe that there're people that a) put my crap out there for the masses to see and b) actually read this stuff? Man, I'd have started writing boring stuff ages ago if I'd have realized it was the key to seeing your name in print.


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Glad things are going well. =)

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