Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spanking the word monkey

Before I start writing the journal article that was due yesterday, I thought I'd growl about word-counters.

I actually had this professor bitch in his comments that I didn't "deserve" the A he gave me because my paper was 948 words instead of 1k, but he gave me the A because the content was so good. WTF? I'm glad you care about the important stuff, Bub.

(yes I say Bub a lot)

So when I wrote the next paper for his class, I was going on and on and on about the topic at hand, just cuz it was such a rediculous topic. It really gave me a chance to "go off" as some folks who hang out here call it. Instead of being 1k, this thing was almost 1600 words.

Ten bucks says I get a bitching comment that it's to effing long. Whatdayathink?


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