Friday, December 02, 2005

Hatin' on God's creation.

From the nice people over at the Insiders forum at

Ooops Sorry! Embarassed SC has the longest deer season in the nation Aug. 15 to Jan. 1. Though if you hate deer enough to hunt in 100 degrees you may have some issues. Laughing I usually start in mid September.
I... I think I might actually hate deer that much.

Or like them that much. Leanest roast you'll ever have.


Blogger HMC said...

They are the rats of the forest. It's okay to hunt them, though. They are made of meat.

I was reading this article about PETA last week where they made this comic book telling kids that their fathers were killers because they liked to fish. The evilness of that approach was mind-boggling. The PETA spokeman basically told the reporter that they didn't think they were harming kids by making them think their parents were killers because the parents, if they hunt of fish, ARE killers. Those are some seriously fucked up people.

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