Friday, December 02, 2005

I almost liked the universe, for a moment.

The car payment was down $150, I had the money to pay my tuition in full this month (there's a long bitter story about how I'm pissed at the school for not letting me pay in payments any more) and life was good.

Then we realized it's a month with five saturdays, which means five voice lessons instead of four. So I called my teacher, and I said hey, with the holidays, are you still doing five lessons? She says yes, of course she's still doing five lessons, she'll bump them to the middle of the week. However. She says by the way, your term is up, so you have a registration fee for the next term due this month too. That turns it into like a six week month or something, as far as money goes. That's *gulp* $200 !!

So, universe in which the term is up and it's a five saturday month... screw u!!


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