Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I coulda just eaten a real lunch

I have some frozen dinners in the freezer at work, and for some reason, I ALWAYS forget about them. I had a peanutbutter sammich and an apple today, which really just didn't do it in the healthy blood sugar dept. Of course, I never remember till I get home that they're in there. And I always plan my lunch anticipating that I'll eat one of them, but I never do. This has been going on since the beginning of November. Yes, I am truely that sad.


So I've spent the last five minuntes slathering peanutbutter (the yummy all natural kind) on Hershy's kisses (the yummy almond kind) and gobbling them down. I feel strangely satisfied, but kinda bummed because there was no actual reduction in calorie content even tho I've actually eaten very little today.

Way to go, me. Keepin' the fat alive.


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