Friday, December 23, 2005

I hate DC Comics

Yes, yes, I'm one of "those fans." One of the ones that's resistant to change. Mostly because the end results usually end up sucking worse than the painfully teatering status quo that it's replacing.
But this 52 thing is just sounding more and more asinine to me. This is from Wizard's list of 52 things that will change after [Fill in the blank] Crisis is over. I can't even keep track of all the names of the stupid reality-altering crises any more (but I will admit the Dick-Robin and the Tim-Robin team-up in Zero Hour was cool):

13. Dynamic Duo: M.I.A.: Batman and Robin won't step foot in Gotham for the entire year. What's keeping them away?

First of all... there's a big bunch of Why Bother? going on. Robin high-tailed it after they rammed the red hot poker of injustice right up his ass (along with Ralph Dingby, what the hell did Sue ever do to anyone?). So he aint even IN Gotham. And it's not like Batman has never ever gone on hiatus before. Bruce spent like a year being gone after Knightfall, and he left during No Man's Land because he had to go whine somewhere in a corner about how he couldn't help or some shit (I did like No Man's Land, really!).

Second of all... I wanna read stories where Batman, yknow, is in Gotham. And he does the things that Batman does in Gotham. Gone for an entire year? How the hell are you going to accomplish that? Freeze them in Carbonite? (Double Nerd score)

I just want someone to tell me good stories, really. I dont need the bells and whistles that go with these "events." Really they're just stunts, and really pale in comparison to just telling a good story with these characters. Stunts are hard to do WELL. Usually they just come off as mediocre and use the bells and whistles to get by.

A guy at work and I have been talking about how really bad and really good are neighbors. They have vision, and the difference between really good and really bad is execution. Army of Darkness is one of those things--it's really good and really bad at the same time. But there's stuff that's decent. It's neither good nor bad, it's a little cookie-cutter, nothing special. That's the majority of the stuff out there. And that's what's been happening over at DC for a whole bunch of years... cookie cutter. Even the events lack vision. I wonder if they have a long-term plan, or a direction for the books/universe/company as a whole? I feel like they're always flopping around like a fish out of water.


Blogger HMC said...

Well, Batman will be locked up somewhere and I have that sinking feeling that they're killing another Robin. =(

What did you think of the soliciation for Nightwing come spring where he's in NYC racking up a body count? DC is making me sad.

7:07 AM  

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