Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm blogging this.

There was something I was supposed to blog, but I forgot what it was.

It's craptacularly snowy. I left work early because I wanted to get home while I could get the car in the driveway (which is up hill both ways) but that was a pipe dream. The car kept sliding out and into the street. It was tuff.

Kara is over here tonight. She lives far away and there's like four or six inches of snow coming down. It's like an inch an hr or something. Kara is sad I never blogged about her party. It's probably for the best. My friends will think less of me when they hear the sordid tales. There's only one thing I can say. "Lesbian. Spank. Inferno."

And this is a shout out to the lady James met on the phone at work today. HI!!!!!!

I have a sore throat, and I'm bitter about that. I hate being sick. I know James thinks I enjoy being miserable, but really, I don't. It's just that misary follows me. Like grumpy smurf's little rain cloud. Think of me as Pouty Smurf. I wear purple pants and have a pouty lower lip.

James is currently regailing Kara with tales of how he's stayed up to watch all 8 star trek movies then went out to see the 9th movie. And porno parties where everyone had to speak in english accents. He's whining because I wouldn't let him put on 24 and watch it in 24 hrs. And because I dont want to put Lord of the R ings on tonight just because we're kinda snowed in. He's talking about this with pride and stuff. He should be ashamed of his nerdiness. Really.

I mean, he gets upset with me because there are nerdy things I wont do, like watching 12 hrs of lord of the rings consecutively, and it's like d00d, I have a life and stuff, and I need to do the things that I haveta do. Like school and work, and writing and stuff. Ugg.

Now he's accusing me of being antisocial because I'm blogging. Well, at least I didn't have a two-day star trek sit-in.

Look, here's the deal. The last two days I've spent every minute I wasn't working on work-work doing homework. Didn't have time to unload the dish washer. I dont know what he wants--I dont even have time to make food or make a frozen dinner, that just takes too much effort and time that could be better spent doing homework. Most of my meals have been peanut butter. Sometimes it gets connected with bread. Sometimes I just eat it out of the container with a knife. I am not Superman. I can't be everywhere at once, doing everything in the world. Sorry the prescriptions didn't get filled. Sorry we have no clean glasses. Sorry I'm not wally west and can't just zoom around and do everything at the speed of light.

There's more to do than I can do in a day and I dont even get to have a minute of fun for me. I have to do all the shit that *someone* else won't do because HE gets to have "me" time every day. And yeah, I'm starting to get resentful, because this is the way it always is. So yeah, I frown deeply upon your star trek parties. What was I doing in undergrad?? Oh yeah, taking 24 to 28 credits a semester and WORKING 30 HOURS A WEEK because I needed to keep a roof over my head. I thought I was over that, and I thought I was done being bitter but I GUESS FRICKING NOT.


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