Thursday, December 01, 2005


There was something on the way home that made me mad but I forgot what it was. But I was really mad. That should count for something.

Oh yeah, and I hate bad cinematography. Movies originally made for the halmark channel shouldn't have herky jerky camera movements. When you're doing it, do you realize you're doing something stupid? Or are you just stupid? Then again, I dont know how the people who make crappy movies can live with themselves. I know I suck and thus I dont inflict it upon the world (blogging aside, but everybody needs one mental monkey whack forum)... but like why do you go out into the world and vomit up your crap? How do you do that and like...look at yourself in the mirror?

And I hate my single-pane windows. OR should I say pain. It's snowing, which I also hate. And I'm cold. so blah.

I had a crappy dinner, chocolate soy milk and wheat crackers. I'm thinking of dumping the soy milk into another container, the one it's in is pissing me off so bad. I may kill a cow. Just to balance it out. Just let me be lactose intolerant in peace!!


Blogger HMC said...

See the guys with no talent for cinematography but still get to make movies (coughMichael Baycough)actually sold their souls to Satan so theyu don't see themselves in the mirror anymore. Sort of like a vampire.

6:21 AM  

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