Saturday, December 10, 2005

More things that piss me off.

Maybe it's the Adderol. I can concentrate better with it, I guess. Mostly I think it just helps me concentrate on things that suck. It's wearing off, because I'm having the shittiest time trying to do my homework. I'm full of not caring.

I could seriously just scream right now, only I dont have the energy for it because I've been up since 8:30a Friday. Grr. I dont know. I'm stuck between trying to ignore the tv down stairs and going down there and punching my fist through the fucking speekers. I've asked him to turn it down REPEATEDLY. I can't fucking concentrate or hear myself think it's so damned loud. I've turned on music and put it up all the way. GRRR. There's something else that's really going wrong in my life right now and I am so livid over that in ways I can't even describe. I feel the same way about the fucking tv right now.


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