Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Review Time

...More opinions that you really don't care about of things that you care even LESS about. If that's possible.

1) Graduate School--One thumb up, one thumb down. I'm a conflicted emperor sometimes. On the one hand, it's causing my brain to hurt. On the other hand, I'm disappointed that I can continue to get away with doing the bare minimum.

2) DIALOG: two thumbs down.
-Thompson Technologies, you suck. Endnote's great, and you make other nifty products. You offer extensive (excessive?) Endnote training and support. Why is Dialog so difficult to use? It's supposed to be this really powerful tool. Well, it would be, if it were actually USEABLE in something resembling a timely manner. Command-line interface is so last-century. Graphical interfaces are the wave of the future, dude. It's great to have all these databases and articles at your fingertips but mean very little if they are not able to be linked to like materials, or have their original graphics/photos associated with them. Think Wikipedia. Oh yeah, and your usage/pricing model is outmoded. The whole THING stinks of the 1970s and early 80's. Come into this century. AOL doesn't charge per hour any more, why do you? Of course, it's a frickin' racket. You charge per hour, then make your database only searchable by command line interface. By the time you've looked up the thirty seven commands you need to narrow down your search, you've already spent the entire budget for the system. Ugg.

3) And my homework for Dialog? this goes back to disappointment with grad school. I wasted hours and DAYS running around in circles with it, and your crappy documentation, only to hand it in not even half done because I couldn't take the brain explosion any more.


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