Friday, December 02, 2005

Teh car

We totally need to replace both mirrors. On a side note, I also need to change radiator fluid and do all that stuff I should have done like 10k miles ago.

We changed loan companies with the car to the same place that does our insurance. It lowered our payments $150 a month (yeah, big ol' holy shit) and we might end up getting a little money back from the payoff amt to use for tuition (yeah, it's sick. The car loan interest is less than student loan interest for private loans for people who've run through their federal loans).

My name is now finally on the title of the car too, which is sexy hot fun luvins. James says it's there so I get the car, if I ever run away with Kara. I told him that's great. Since we don't have kids, we can have a bitter custody battle over the car ;)


Blogger HMC said...

Cars are evil. Very very evil.

6:22 AM  

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