Saturday, January 14, 2006

Card with $20 from Linda & Family. Time was, that'd be a great gift for Nana. She'd immediately blow it on pizza, or "the numbers." No, not "running numbers" (though my mom did run numbers to the local bookie for family members when she was too little to know what she was doing). Nana was hardcore on the lotto. Now she's a bright teal dye fading into a tapestry over time, until everything's dull, and you can only make out the lines and shapes of what was once a vibrent piece of artwork. ok, too metaphorical. She has alzheimers, she's had a stroke, and she's slowing down. No more late-night calls for pizza, and no more sitting in front of the TV after dinner, waiting for the news just so she could hear what numbers hit, whether she played or not. What time does to us.  Posted by Picasa


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