Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Feelin' the burn

What aint burning right now? My eyes are burning from too much plasma display in addition to too much text book. My brain is burning from info overload, and that's with only doing one class' work this week. I completely neglected the other one. But the teacher's out of town till tomorrow, so hopefully it'll all work out in the end.

My little tootsies and calves burn. I don't know if I didn't stretch out enough before I went jogging, or what. I do have the whole falling arches thing going for me, so that could be the feet pain, but I swear, I didn't have it last week. I had fun at the chiropractor's today. I didn't see my regular chiropractor, I saw the head of the group, who's always interesting to talk to. Surprisingly conservative. He doesn't like academia any more than I do. One time, he was telling me about how he was excited to have ONE article in a peer-reviewed journal, and he told a former classmate, and the classmate wasn't all that impressed because he had SEVERAL HUNDRED. I actually think it's a credit to the guy--he's too busy doing stuff in the real world to write stuffy academic stuff (though he does want to write a book). There's NOTHING WORSE than a "professor" of something who hasn't been out in the real world in like 20 years.

Back to the burning sensations... I suddenly have this "thing" in my lungs and a migrane. I think that sums up my life today.


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