Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Head... hurts.

I haven't had a migrane in a while, so I'm pretty miserable right now. You get used to feeling good, and you forget how to feel miserable all the time.

My eyeballs hurt and feel like they're gunna blow. I've been having trouble seeing. Maybe my glasses are going "bad" already. I've only had them since August. Oh well. I can technically get an eye examn on my eye insurance, since I did the last one on James' eye insurance (yeah, double eye coverage. We're both blind as bats). Then I can get contacts that're the right prescription at least. I think with the last pair of contacts I had, I was getting closer to finding a pair I could wear for more than a couple of hours without using an entire bottle of eyedrops.

Except, I have no faith in the eye place that took over for my previous eye doctor. I called them about something, and they never EVER called me back. They suck.

Oh well. Guess my eyeballs are just going to have to explode, and blood'll pour out of the sockets like in that one BBC recording of Oedipus.


Blogger HMC said...

Maybe the problem also is caused by computer screens? I know if I sit at my desk all day staring at this cancer machine, I can't see for like two days.

3:18 PM  

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