Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Johnny-Come-Lately Year In Review:


Smallville’s finally out of the super suck basement of suckage. Last season was really just marking time to get to this season. Too many freaks of the week, too much back tracking. The only redeeming parts of last season were the Lois episodes. Not because the actual plot was so challenging, but because they actually somehow managed (fluke I’m sure) to get the Lois/Clark combative relationship down. This year, however, has been excellent, even without Lois in most of the episodes. Lexmas was excellent. If I had to nominate an episode for an Emmy, it would be that one. It just made me so damned sad that Lex is going to become so damned evil.

Alias has fallen off of my map. I was kind of interested, but it was on the same time as Smallville. I watched the first episode where they killed Vaughn (bastards), and half of another episode with frail little blonde girl who looks like an anorexic model. Jennifer Gardner still rocks even though she had a big budging baby belly. Still, that show seems to have run out of steam. Still a shame it’s being canceled. I know, I know, if it aint doing it, can it. But Mostly I think I’m just sad that it aint doin’ it any more.

Nightstalker was a show I loved as a kid in reruns. Even now, when I’m sick, it’s Quincy, MD and Nightstalker all day until Magnum comes on and I fall asleep face first in my soup. And drown. And die. The new series is OK. I don’t always catch it, and don’t always care that I miss it. Stewart Townsend is too young for the part, in my humble opinion.

Supernatural doesn’t need much said about it, other than WATCH WITH THE LIGHTS ON. It’s a good, solid, scary show. They’ve started on the season-long arch far earlier than Smallville ever did, but they also have great freak of the week type episodes. I appreciate that it’s geared towards grownups. There isn’t enough horror/urban-fantasy stuff that isn’t geared directly towards the kids who shop at Hot Topic.

Dr Who has been utterly fantastic. I liked the old doctor, I like the new doctor (Barty Jr, if you’re nerd enough to know. Or Casanova, if you’re really REALLY nerdy). I like Captain Jack the most though. Glad he’s getting his own show.

Star Gate SG1 – Praise the Lord, new episodes start this Friday. I [heart] Claudia Black (and Ben Browder, truth be told). I would so completely love to see her character get it on with Daniel Jackson. I could die happy then. Tiel’k (or however the hell you spell it) looks like a Chia Pet. Shaft needs to shave his head with a big knife.


Batman Begins was the best. WB is still run by evil incompetent suits, but somehow, the dice FINALLY turned up snake eyes. Law of averages I guess, because they can’t possibly keep rolling up losers. Like Catwoman. Why was that movie necessary? Yes, it was The Crow but with kitty cats. However, after The Crow had already been done, did we really need to do The Crow with kitty cats? Wow. That was off-track. Anyways, the movie was a huge apology for previous Batman movies. I look forward to the sequel.

Fantastic Four I liked this movie better the second time around, when I got it on DVD. I think the disadvantage was that it came out after Batman Begins, which had a certain gritty realism to it. This was a comedy, and perhaps because of when it came out, a bit misunderstood.

Serenity was full of awesomes. Everybody I know that has seen it has loved it. It was a great continuation of the series, but watching the series was not imperative to enjoying the movie. Betcha Fox is kicking themselves in the ass over canning Firefly. At leas I hope they are. Assclowns.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had me cryin’ and cryin’ and cryin’ especially at the end. It was a little more grown-up and definitely darker, which I appreciated. The kids really are growing in their acting skills, which is great to see. Three more movies to go, I hope they make them all. Half-Blood Prince was such a great book. I’d really love to see Daniel Radcliff in that. Mostly I just wanna see Harry and Ginny get together. I’m lame like that.

The Legend of Zorro got bashed thoroughly by critics. I enjoyed it though. That came out when I was in finals, and needed something fun to take my mind off the sheer hell I was living through. What’s wrong with a swashbuckling comedy? Geeze. Critics suck.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe wasn’t Lord of the Rings, and some of the special effects were… well, special effecty. But it was still great. I loved that book when I was a kid, so it brought back great memories, and it was a fantastic translation to the big screen. I saw all the BBC videos when I was a kid, and they were just kind of undramatic and boring, and this was anything but that. A movie that’s exciting and fun and for the whole family is a rarity now days.


Gotham Knights has been sucking less, but I hate villain books, which it became for a time. I like Devin Grayson and I want to eat her brains, and I thought her run on the book was fricking brilliant. I miss that “family” aspect. That was yummy.

Batman has been good lately just because I like Jason Todd being back from the dead. Of course, him being alive means he’s less dead, which is a bummer. But I like him as a bad guy. It’s fun to watch him mess with Bruce’s mind. Because Bruce is such a fucking consummate schmuck.

**update—I’ve decided I fucking hate this book. The fuckers brought him back just to kill him again. DC, you suck. A lot. I hope you get crabs.

Detective Comics is going to end up on my cut list if it doesn’t turn around shortly. It’s so effing boring. I’ll just leave it at that.

Legends of the Dark Knight – remember when this book used to be “early” Batman tales? I miss that. Now it’s just another book to spill crappy continuity stories into. I have a feeling this book is going to go bye byes after this latest reality-bending crisis. Yeah, fine, whatever. Get rid of Defective Comics and replace it by bringing Impulse back and put this book back the way it was. It’d make the universe suck less.

Robin – This book is rapidly disintegrating into babble and chicken scratch art. It used to be the first thing I read. Now it’s the last. And killing Tim’s dad sucked. Nobody likes having the red hot poker of injustice rammed up his ass.

Batgirl – I like that it’s a quick read. It’s also actually been interesting.

Birds of Prey – Yaay, Babs finally told dad. And just as I suspected—dad tries not to know things. It’s just easier that way.

Superman – I hope Superman gets depowered a bit in the crisis. As usual, Lois gets lost in this book. Why the heck did he get hitched if she was just going to fade into the background. The whole point of Lois is that she’s someone who can keep up with him (and put him in his place when need be).

Supergirl – Totally fun. Kara could have a little more skin covered, but she’s a sweet kid.

Strangers in Paradise – Francine and Kachoo made up and stuff. That’s how I KNOW the book is ending soon (besides the rumors I’ve heard) I’ll be sad without Strangers in my life, really. But Terry Moore told me at the last convention that they are only going to get together when the nurses push their beds together in the old folks’ home. Waa.

Avengers – Finally, a team I can get behind. Spidy, Wolverine, and some other folks. Watching Wolvie hit on MJ is cool. Jarvis and Aunt May are getting’ the old folks groove on.

Ultimate Spider-man – Peter and Kitty Pride are SO cute together.

Daredevil – Has this stopped sucking yet? I can't recall.

The Pulse – Great Idea, bad execution. I miss Alias. We like Jessica swearing and we like her kicking ass. We hate when she’s a weepy chick crying over Luke Cage.

The House of M – We totally avoided this. I hate “events.”

Spider-Girl – It finally got not suck this year! YAAY! We talked to the Spider-Girl team at the convention, and they kind of shared my view, that Mayday was getting lost in her own book. I’m glad they saw the err of their ways LOL.

…And that pretty much wraps up my year. School’s been sort of sucking my will to live and some other stuff is going on, but that above is all the fun stuff. I don’t need to dwell on the other things.


Blogger HMC said...

The thing with Strangers in Paradise also is that they seem to be killing off David. They're messing with his brain again. =( I loved David.

Legends of the Dark Knight is continuing but Gotham Knights isn't. I wish they would cancell All-Star Batman and Robin because it just makes me sad.

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