Monday, January 16, 2006

The most productive unproductive day of my life.

Got most of the Christmas stuff taken down (finally!!) and unburried my office. I can now see the floor, put away the wrapping paper (in a REAL PLACE this time, OMG) and all the sticker. Unburried my makeup table, put everything in the new jewlery box (realized why it was so cheap--it doesn't quite close all the way. Oh well, it's hugungo, and therefore what I needed, so beggers wont be choosers), rearranged the shelves next to the table, kicked the sterlite drawers over into the corner and stacked them nicely so they'll be inconspicuous (or less so than when they were in the middle of the dang floor),

MOSTLY unburried my desk. Technically, it's messy but usable right now. Before it was just overrun. I had to take the cute stuff off the top. I liked that doll. I hope I can find a stand for her. She's living over near the makeup table now, but it's not the same. She looked better on wood. I hope I can get a set of book shelves (maybe big ones) for my office, I need places to put crap for school. I have old text books and binders full of printed out PDFs stashed behind the makeup table right now, which is just unkoscher.

Done an assload of laundry. Finished watching Sci Fi Friday, which means I just need to squeeze in Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs between now and Tuesday. I [heart] Supernatural, and SOMEHOW I'm going to make time to watch that sh-t. While I'm thinking about it, Smallville was almost a total waste of space on the dvr, except for Lois. Same as last season. Pa Kent really needs to get with the program. He's so busy busting on Lex all the time that he doesn't see the real threat: Lois. Deep inside her lies a heart of pure evil.

I'm so full of the ADD. I took my pills but all it made me able to do was focus on things that I dont have time to be working on. Currently I'm obsessing over a bookshelf in my office and lamp table. Yes, the desire/need for a lamp table (I have no lamp to put on it, of course) has just taken over my head. I have about 35 more pages of book to read between now and oh, tomorrow morning.

I just can't do it. I can't concentrate. There's like 95 things living in my head right now. I have some ideas for the short story that I started that Brad bugs me about every time he sees me. I have an idea for the script we were talking about (starting place. NO idea where to go from there, of course), I am afraid to pick up my notebook and start jotting stuff down because I'll look up and realize that another 2 hrs have passed. If inability to focus were a mutant power, I'd be an X-Man. I have it SO MUCH. SOOOO MUCHHHHHH.

Um... Gotta work tomorrow. Days off are for losers. One-day weekends and six day work weeks am teh roxor!!11one.

Every time I think about My Little Pony, I freak out because I decided to start collecting them again, but I never have time to actually go looking for more than the whopping one I have. Every time I think about homework, I freak out. The house being less than clean is freaking me out. I want to scrub the bathtub with bleach and a toothbrush (James, of course, not mine. Mine has a really small head. And I'm sure the little rubber thingy in the middle of his would get the stains off rilly gewd). I can't get anything done because my house is tormenting my mind. And I'm exhausted. I got next-to no sleep last night and the night before. AKKKKK.

Brad BETTER not ask me if I wrote anything tomorrow night. I'll probably set him on fire, because I just keep freaking out about how I haven't picked up the book I'm reading in like two or three days, and I haven't written anything that was for real in a week, which sucks because instead of doing homework tonight I also managed to bust out like three pages of this thing that is of no importance to anyone, but which I think is really groovy.

What the hell time is my chiropractor appt? What time do I have to be at work? Are there pennies in heaven?


Blogger HMC said...

I didn't know they still made them. Or are you trying to collect the old ones we used to play with as kiddies?

7:49 AM  

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