Friday, January 27, 2006

Silence is mystery

People may think you're stupid if you're quiet. But if you open your mouth, you'll remove all doubt.


Have you ever noticed how phrases like "artsy" or "computer-savvy" are used by people who arn't? Usually it's someone saying "I'm not artsy, like you," because they can't draw a straight line with a ruler or "I'm just not computer-savvy enough to fix this problem," when they just can't handle clicking on start and going to programs--if it isn't on their desktop, they just "dont have the program." Or "I'm just not mechanical." Who says mechanical? People who arn't "Mechanically inclined" (Because 'yknow, mechanically inclined is too "technical"). Meaning, replacing the bag on the vacuum cleaner is just too tough.

When someone says "I'm really artsy," or "I can do it myself, I'm really computer savvy," I run, and I hide. Because I know it's going to end badly.


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