Sunday, January 08, 2006

A total failure at getting stuff done.

I accomplished going to church and getting groceries. Then I came home and hit the hay till almost 4. I coulda gone jogging while the weather was good, but that'd have been too simple. Now it's dark and I'm not quite sure I an force myself to go. Ugg. If I were not a total putz, I'd go get my text book from the Waterfront. Because y'know, that's a drive I really wanna take on my day off. blah.

You know, the day that I'm wearing a sweater with nothing under it, haven't washed my face and am running late is the day we gotta wear choir robes. I contemplated going commando. Not like pantsless, though the robe was long enough (this time--it's hit or miss whether I'm going to get a grownup robe, or a short German woman robe). It's SO fricking hot next to the organ. I was doing the yucky sweat thing right on the stole thingy. Eww.

FINALLY getting caught up on my Friday TV. Stargate's back on. Yaay. Finally got Yahoo! Chat running on my Mac. Y'know, because everybody cares so deeply. Firefox has been pissing me off more and more lately. It hasn't been doing the happy crashing thing since I downloaded a newer version. I dont really like Safari, but the latest update of it has been less craptacular as well.

I'm ready for bed again, which is sad.


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