Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Widgets gadets and straw wrappers.

James, who hates macs, is anxious for me to upgrade to 10.4, which I haven't done mostly out of personal laziness, considering I get the software for $5 from work. I think he just wants widgets. He says they look like a lot of fun. I think he just likes the name widget. Maybe it'll work better than the gadgets on the the webmail at school.

On a seperate note, I hope to one day be able to eat popcorn without inhailing bits of it and coughing for half an hour straight.

Once, I pulled my inhailer out of my jacket pocket. The lid was missing, so I just shook it up and took a thwack off it, and ended up with a crumpled up straw wrapper stuck somewhere down my windpipe. That was like really taxing to cough up. I needed a nap when I was done.


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