Friday, January 06, 2006

You're not Rutger Hauer.

So we went online to check James' direct deposit this morning to see how much he got with overtime and holiday pay, and saw that nothing had been deposited. James figured they had fired him or something. I figured they were incompetent, and would be handing out checks to everyone today. I was right. So his friend, who's name is also James, says they told him "didn't you get the memo?" in a shitty voice. You know, like Rutger Hauer in Batman Begins. Meanwhile, this memo allegidly came out yesterday (at least, that's what it's dated), but NO ONE on the evening shift has even heard of it, which means it wasn't there YESTERDAY EVENING. James had to steal one off of someone elses' desk. Why didn't they send out an e-mail to everyone? Everyone has an account and uses it for inner-office communications. Oh wait, because then everyone would have seen that the time stamp was probably early this morning. They knew this job didn't run on MONDAY. And they wait until today to let everyone know? That's just rude. Especially since many of the people who work there live paycheck to paycheck (they don't exactly pay well). FORTUNATELY last friday was MY big payday, so we arn't destitute, but that certainly thwarts my attempt to get the breaks fixed monday on my only day off that the car place is also opened. So I'm going to have to wait another 9 days or so to get them done, but I kinda needed to get them done LAST week, but I got up too late (missed my chiro appt and the car appt). Nothing like not helping people plan ahead. Knowing on Tuesday not to blow the rest of last week's pay on new ringtones and a glow in the dark carrying case for your cell phone is helpful (I know someone who did that once, when *I* was in college, and most folks didn't have cell phones). So, whatever. Stupid people are dumb.

I'm typing this on James' machine... no wonder he thinks he's going blind. He keeps telling me everything's blurry all the time. Honey, it isn't "everything," it's just your monitor. I pwomis we'll get you a new one soon. One that doesn't take up half the known universe (i swear, this monitor is the third person in our marriage--it's just ENORMOUS. CRT's are teh suktar).


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