Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dear food: go to hell.

So, I had a kiwi for breakfast. I made real breakfast at like 9am, like oatmeal and stuff, sat down to eat it, and forgot about it. I dont know if that's ADD or just advanced apathy for food. About an hr later, I was thinking to myself... damn. Why am I so hungry? Then I remembered... oh yeah. My food was sitting on the coffee table while I was at the gym, expending callories I had not consumed.

James brought the remainder of his rye bread, so I ate a chunk of that, and just kinda kept drinking water and hoped for the best.

I brought a frozen dinner for lunch (haha) and ate that and a salad I had mercifully forgotten to eat yesterday (notice this food amnesia pattern?) and a handful of candy. That was about 4:30. I'm a little pekish now. By a little, I mean go out and kill a buffalo with my bare hands and eat it raw.

Oh well. I'll just drink more water until I forget I'm hungry and wake up at like 6am ready to gnaw my own leg off.


Anonymous Legolas Stump said...

Bwahahaha! You are so awesome...I suffer the same extrodinary lack of food symptems as you... in fact my leg is about gone now. Well I'll check back again later, unless my arm is gone too.

8:30 PM  

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