Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It was like Christmas, but with ambulances

Before I left to run to the library to pick up my textbook (No way in hell I'm buying a book on Cascading Style Sheets that I only need for two weeks), I plugged in my Christmas lights. The little bastards are still up, so I'm going to enjoy them.

Driving toward home, I almost took the back road. There's nothing wrong with it, persay. But it's a 10 minute drive instead of 5. But in traffic it can save time, or at least a headache. And there're pretty trees and stuff. But when it's dark, it's a little tough to see where to turn, because they have no street lights, back away from civilization like that, and it's getting more populated back there, so you can't drive with your brights on. It's the worst of two worlds. I can find my way out to the library in the dark, but not back. So despite that nagging little voice that told me "you really WANT to go the back way!!" I got on the highway.

I turned the bend that is the entrance ramp (then we wonder why no one can merge. It's geographically impossible to do it in this town in a manner that doesn't involve turning yield into a french word meaning stop), and before I could even see the highway, I saw a flickering red glow hanging in the misty air, like around the holidays. At the highway, I see almost a dozen emergency vehicles with new-fangled high-intensity flashing lights brightening the place up like an over-achiever's lawn at Christmastime.

Don'tcha know it, 30 MPH for over a mile. The carnage was insane. There was this one SUV with it's ass crinkled up like my Focus the time that lady in the truck hit us. There's a smaller car in a ditch, covered with tarp (which means they're getting out the jaws of life), and quarter of a mile up the road is this minivan with it's hazard lights on, blinking alone in the dark, away from all the lit-up emergency trucks and vans, it's rear tires blown.

When I came home, I left the Christmas lights on.


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