Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Supid people are dumb. Or: Grammar is my life.

Yeah, both would be great on t-shirts. But really... why is it so difficult, in official communications, to use decent grammar. I'm not even saying good grammar. I won't say anything about "they" instead of "he or she" (I think in about ten years, "they" will go from "mostly wrong, but kinda ok" to "A-OK! Buddy Jesus Thumbs Up!"--another language battle lost to time). But the completely wrong use of "I" and "me" as the object of sentences makes me crazy. Nails down the chalkboard crazy. Sure I do it when I'm being informal in AIM and even on here (Me an' Mary totally went to the mall), but at least I try to make it completely obvious that I'm just messin' around. I wouldn't do it in an official communication at work or some other formal situation like that. Dude... WHAT IS SO EFFING HARD ABOUT SPEAKING CORRECT ENGLISH!!!??? I mean, we're talking about people with a college education. This shouldn't be difficult for someone with a high school education, but that's just a testament as to the failures of the educational system (my education classes have mostly instilled the firm belief that homeschooling is the way to go). But a) haven't your teachers rung you up on this stuff on papers? and b) DO YOU PAY ATTENTION WHEN WORD UNDERLINES THAT STUFF IN SQUIGGLY GREEN????

I've been thinking about doing a phd in something. Perhaps cultural studies of some kind. I wanna get a phd in comic books. Or underwater basket weeving. I'm mad-good at basket weeving. But really... I think I need to somehow milk 300 pages and a phd on grammar. I just need to find a way.


Blogger HMC said...

Did you ever read that PHD dissertation someone did on Batman? It was his effect on worldwide cultural or something. Unfortunately, he dedicated like two sections to the homoeroticism of Batman and Robin.

I think grammar would be a neat topic, especially if you study the total lack of it during Internet communications. Internet English makes me sad. Is it really so hard to write "you" rather than "u"? It's only two more letters, which is nothing to a savvy typist.

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