Sunday, February 19, 2006

They do love me.

James and Full-bodied Joel replaced the battery on my laptop. Not sure which one I should kiss. Of course, I'll be all YAAY!!! at being mobile again until I see the bill. Wonder where the old battery is. I want the stupid little foot off of it. This laptop has been missing a foot since like the first week we had it. Anyways, sweetness shall reign once more in my life as mobility is returned. New HD, new battery... now all I need to do is get a magic marker out and write in all the letters that're missing. Most are mostly gone or are completely gone. Q, T, Y, U, P, G, J, Z, X and V are the only ones completely there. E, I, A, S, D, F, H, L, C and N are completely gone. W, O K, B and M are getting there. Nothing a magic marker can't cure. It bugs James of course. He can't see to peck. But I still lerb him, even if he cant' type without looking. Anyways, my spine is sad. So I'm going to go to sleep.


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